Wrap text around a web part in Office 365 Sharepoint 2013

By default web parts fill the entire zone making it difficult to control your page layouts. One way to position other content next to a web part is to add a css float to the web part. To do that:
Insert your web part on the page
Click the web part to select it and click “Edit Html Source” in the ribbon.
Add a class to the first div in the highlighted section – something like “class=”floatleft” …..



Right after the end of the highlighted web part bit, paste in your text and save the page
Open the style sheet under “Site” in the ribbon
Add the following rule: .floatleft{float:left;}
Optionally add a margin to separate the elements: .floatleft{float:left;margin-right:20px;}
Save the stylesheet.

Clear The Float.
When you use a float, all subsequent content that can fit in the available space will be moved next to the floated object. If you want to end the float at a certain point and resume the normal flow of the page, add this:


Here’s an example of the effect: