Remove a domain from Office 365

?A common complaint about O365 is the bizarre way Microsoft handles domain removal and the tenacity with which they hold onto YOUR domain. It should be as simple as clicking the “remove domain” link but the instructions tell you to first remove any association with the domain. If even after changing users and web site over to the default domain STILL doesn’t work, you’re left, like me, wondering why they make things so difficult and why after the correct way to do it has been pointed out to them so many times, they don’t fix the instructions. All they seem to offer is an arcane powershell routine that still might not work!The answer is painfully simple: DELETE ALL USERS. And I mean ALL USERS – including the original id that created the account. To do that, you will have to create an unlicensed admin user and use that to delete the original user.
Keep in mind, deleting a user trashes the associated mailbox, so you have to plan for that.

If this process can’t be made easier by improving the poorly designed ui, then at least the instructions should be corrected. There’s really no excuse for putting users through this much grief just to remove a domain. After all, your domain is owned by you, not Microsoft and they have no right to prevent you from doing what you want with it.