Reactivating A Dormant Office Pro Plus 2010 Subscription

If you’ve downloaded Office Pro Plus to a computer that doesn’t get used for a while, or the id used to validate the subscription is no longer valid, eventually the programs will start showing an “unlicensed” notice and stop working fully. Downloads are associated to a user but just signing in with an id that has a valid subscription may not work. This is a common enough scenario, but Microsoft doesn’t makefinding a solution that easy.The solution (as often happens) was provided by Google – but only aftera user had done several searches and wasted a considerable amount of time asking questions on the 365 community. Buried deep within the site is a kb article with a Fixit, that reverifies your subscription and even allows you to switch it to a different id.So if you want to reactivate an Office Pro Plus 2010 subscription, click the Fixit button below, install and run it and after the usual lengthy configuration process typical of Microsoft products – eventually, it will ask you to sign in to verify. I did restart the computer before signing in, but I don’t think that’s necessary. Don’t forget to check the games to have some fun once your computer is good to go.

And here’s the kb article »


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