Open List Links In A New Window Without Code In Office 365 Sharepoint Online

A basic functionality missing from Sharepoint Online libraries/lists is the native ability to open links in a new window. If you have publishing features enabled, you can add the awkwardly named “Hyperlink with formatting and constraints for publishing” column to your list. For non publishing sites and if you’re comfortable adding code using Sharepoint Designer, try these options:

Global (every external link)

Add this jQuery snippet to your master page:

$(‘a[name^=”http:”], a[name^=”https:”]’).not(‘[name^=””]’).attr(‘target’,’_blank’);
Replace”” with your own domain.
Place the snippet before the tag for best results.
Requires that you have the jQuery library running on the site.

List specific links

Take a look at “Open links in a new window in Sharepoint lists” here in this blog. Otherwise an easy, no-code option is to use the little known Summary Links web part.
The downside is this web part doesn’t expose an editable list, so you can’t add columns, views and so on. The only thing you can add other than a link is an image. But for a simple list of links to documents, web pages or list items, this is the easiest solution. It works in every type of site (public/team) and every type of plan I’ve been able to test.

The Steps.

First, check to make sure the summary links web part is in the web part gallery of your site.
Site settings » web designer galleries » web parts ( or for public sites, add this to your domain name: /_catalogs/wp/For).
If you don’t see it, you can get it here» and upload it.
Then, open a page for editing
Click “insert” and under the “content roll up” category, look for “summary links”.
Add a new link: you can browse, or enter a url for any hosted item-document, web page, image etc.


Be sure to check “open in new window”


To change the web part title, click edit web part properties, and edit title where it says “summary links”.


Save the page.
You’ll only see the editing tools when editing the page – regular visitors won’t see them.
What you’ll end up with is a flat list of links that looks like the example below. You can group items together and there are some limited styling options which you can see a few examples of in the left sidebar here:


Don’t Have The Summary Links Web Part?
Download it from here »


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