Open links in a new window in Sharepoint Online lists / libraries

?If you want your links in an SP list to open up in a new window, you can change the behavior with this simple update to the list view’s xsl code. All that’s needed is to add “target=”_blank” to the line in the xsl that creates the link. I’m using a “links” list here but this works for any list with links in it.Assuming you already have a list added to a page, open that page in Sharepoint Designer 2010 in advanced mode. Select SPLIT view.The links in the list will display in the “design” view at bottom.
Click a link and you’ll see the corresponding bit of xsl highlighted in the code portion of your screen.
It will look like this:

a href=”{$url}”>
Add target=”_blank” so it looks like this:
/a> , a href=”{$url}” target=”_blank”>
Since the xsl loops through your list, every link will get updated when the page is rendered in a browser. So save the page and test it out.
NOTE: if you’re not able to find the line referenced above and don’t see 1700+ lines of code for the web part, try this:
Click the top of web part in design view where it says “webpartpages:xsltlistviewebpart”
In the ribbon click design under list view tools
Click customize xslt and then select “entire view”.
Then try to locate the code for the links in the list.