Hide header row in “custom” style list views, retain it in “default” style – Sharepoint Online (2010-13)

The “style” option in Sharepoint list view¬†settings allows you to apply a different template to your list view. But when you use any style other than “default”, the header row just doesn’t belong. With the “boxed” or “newsletter” style, the headings are misplaced and look like a mistake. If you don’t want to mess with the xsl underlying these templates, many Sharepoint sme’s recommend hiding the header row by applying this simple css rule:


It’s a good practice to add that to a site stylesheet so you don’t have to insert it on every page where you want to remove the header. What the Sharepoint experts I’ve seen writing about this don’t tell you, is that rule¬†will also get applied to the default style, where you probably want to keep it.

Luckily, a quick browser inspection reveals that among the morass of code used to generate list view web parts, the default style has a class not used on the other list view styles. So with one more line of css added to a site stylesheet, you can hide the header where it’s not needed and retain it where it is:


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