Create “albums” in a picture library

The picture library default view shows all items in the library. If you want to show different sets of images or “albums”, you can create separate views and apply them where you need them. To create an album, you add a field to associate images with an album, and then create views filtered on that field. Here’s how:Set upOpen the library, click the “library” tab and “library settings”
Scroll down to “create a column” and name it for example “Album”
Go the individual image’s properties, and enter a value in the new album field-use the same value for images you want displayed together, for example “1”
Go back to library settings and click “create view”
If you want the horizontal thumbnail view, select “thumbnails” as the starting point for your new view and name it say “Album 1”
Check “album” in the list of fields that will be included in the view
Scroll down to the “Filter” options and select: “Show items only when the following is true -When the column: Yourcolumnname (Album) is equal to: Yourcolumnvalue (eg “1”)
Save that view


Add to a page
Insert a picture library web part on a page
Click the top right arrow to “edit web part”
In the properties box that opens, under “Selected View” select your view (eg Album 1) from the drop down
Save the web part.
Here’s an example of 2 web parts added with different views selected: