Add Multiple Contact Us Forms To The Office 365 2013 Public Site

111213_0010_addmultiple1By default, only one contact us form is allowed on the public site. If you find this too limiting, here’s a way you can add as many as you like. The trick is to add them to sub sites under the public site. And yes, you CAN add public sub sites – just follow the below instructions:
1/ Create a public sub site

Open your public site in Sharepoint Designer
Click “sub sites” in the left nav and “new sub site” at the right of the ribbon.
Name the site and allow it to set up.
Go back to the browser, and open the site with the
By default, you should have a site pages library where you can create pages. Add content types (“web page” etc) as needed.

2/ Add the contact us app

Since the app is already loaded in the parent public site, all you have to do now is:
In the new sub site, click the cog at top right and “Add an app”
Under “Apps you can add”, select the contact us app.
“Trust” the app and give it a few moments to set up
Open your new sub site page and add the app from the ribbon

3/ Add the new contact form to your public site

Now you have a new form and submissions list, completely separate from the one on your “parent” public site. You can either place a link to the page with your new contact form in your parent site’s navigation, or add the form to a public site page. Since the contact forms are “sub sites” themselves, you can easily iframe JUST THE NEW FORM itself on a page using the page viewer web part, without also displaying other page elements :

First, copy the url of the new form. In Firefox, simply add it to a page on the sub site, right click it and open “view iframe info” and you’ll see the url (it’s absurdly long!).


Getting the contact form url using Firefox
Open a public page on the parent site for editing.
Insert a page viewer web part.
Open the web part properties dialog and paste the form’s url in the url box.
Save the web part and publish the page.
Here are examples of 2 different forms on the same site:
Parent site form:
Sub site form:

If using a sub site page and it doesn’t have the same look as the parent pages, take a look at this:

“Apply Sharepoint 2013 public site design to team site / web part pages”

4/ Accessing the submissions lists
The lists associated with the different forms are of course located in their respective sites. So if you want to add an alert to generate an email notification of new submissions or export the list, you have to open the parent or sub site, click “site contents” and then the contact us form tile.


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