Add A Discussions List With Threaded View In Office 365 2013 Sharepoint Sites

discuss-2010A discussion board without a threaded view is like, well….having a blog on one site and its associated comments on another. You never know who’s replying to what. What makes Microsoft’s decision to remove the threaded view from Sharepoint 2013 even odder is that it worked fine in 2010 and still does in a 2013 site. All you have to do is save a discussion list as a template from a 2010 site and move it over.

If you want to add the list to a public site, you may find the template doesn’t show up when you click”add an app”. To workaround that restriction, try installing it on a sub site of the public site. Sub sites can be created with standard templates, so are not as restrictive as the public site. And it’s easy to make a sub site look like it’s part of the parent site by following this guide:

If you don’t have access to a 2010 site or want to save some time, you can download the 2010 template here » Just follow the installation instructions on that page.
I set up a working demo of the list on a 2013 public sub site here » You can add some styling if needed to dress it up a bit.


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