Sharepoint: Change Sort Order Within A Group In A Grouped View

Sharepoint’s built in grouped view is a quick, useful way to make long lists more user friendly. It allows you to group items together based on a common value in a field and provides a “toggle” option to open or collapse each group. But once you’ve added the grouped view, you may find sorting your list is not as straightforward as you’d expect.

Adding a custom sort option to the groups (to manually control the order in which they appear) is simple enough. You can add a “sort” field – so non technical users can simply enter a number to determine the order. But what if you also want to sort items WITHIN EACH GROUP? You would think you’d just add a second sort option – so:

  • First sort by your group sort field
  • Then sort by your sort within a group field

But if you do that, the second, “sort within a group” option is ignored. When it didn’t work for me, I quickly googled for “sort within a group when using a SP  grouped view” but got no useful results. So I tried reversing the sort options – in other words, first sort by the Sort Within Group field, and THEN by the Group Order field….and even though this seemed highly illogical to me, it worked.

So once again, Sharepoint provides a useful feature made less useful by the unintuitive interface. Anyway, that’s how to sort the sorts when using a grouped view!

This should work for all versions of Sharepoint, but I’ve only tested it in Sharepoint Online.