Add A Site Description To Office 365 Sharepoint Online 2013 Public Sites

Yep – removing the site description was another of those 2013 public site “upgrades”…. Has MSFT ever heard of SEO?? The 2010 asp placeholder for this element doesn’t work in 2013 sites, and there probably isn’t a predefined one, so if you want to add a site description below your site title, you’ll have to hard code it in manually.For that we’ll need to:Open the site in Sharepoint Designer (2010 or 2013).
Open All Files » _catalogs » masterpage and open the html file that’s linked to the master page you’re using (eg oslo.html)
Hunt down this element: h1 id=”pageTitle” class=”ms-core-pageTitle”


AFTER its closing h1 tag, add the tag and description you want to use eg:

h2 My site description /h2

TIP: If you want to be able to style the description (and who wouldn’t?), add a class eg h2 class=”desc”
h2 class=”desc”>…….
Save the file
To publish it, go to site settings » galleries » master page and layouts and click “publish a major version” from the context menu.
The Result:


Now you can both let site visitors know what your site is about AND make it a little more relevant and appealing to search engines. If you have any questions, please ask them in my forum »

Add Additional Levels To Office 365 Sharepoint 2013 Site Navigation

If you want to add more levels to the drop down or quick launch navigation in a Sharepoint 2013 site, you can do it by making a small change to the master page in use. This technique should work for any type of site (public/private) in any tenant.
Open the site in Sharepoint Designer
Click all Files » Catalogs » Master page
Master pages can’t be edited directly anymore so open the associated HTML MASTER PAGE FILE (which will usually have the same name eg. oslo.html).
Find “MaximumDynamicDisplayLevels=”2” in the grayed out code under “SPM:<Sharepoint:SPNavigationManager”
Change the “2” to how many levels you want.


Save the file, check it in and publish a major version (if checked out) or go to site settings » galleries » master pages and page layouts and publish it from there.
The Result:


Left Navigation
If using a left hand nav (or quick launch), follow the same process only of course with the appropriate master page – Seattle or Berlin.


Ask away in my forum.