Adding Custom Styling To The Office 365 Sharepoint 2013 Public Website

071213_2035_addingcusto1 A few people have asked me recently why custom code added to the stylesheet in the public site editor isn’t working. For example, when they add code to make the logo bigger, nothing happens.If you look at the stylesheet you’ll see that MSFT has added “commenting tags” (/*) to the examples they provide. The purpose of those tags is to show notes or other information that browsers will ignore. They are helpful to developers for example to remind them what a piece of code is supposed to do.That’s all well and good, but the problem here is if users follow the examples given , their code is going to be “commented out” and won’t get rendered.
Here’s a code snippet example:
.ms-core-pageTitle a{
Browsers will ignore anything after the /* and I guess MSFT assumes users know that. The examples SHOULD be ignored but doing it this way seems to be causing confusion.
The bottom line is DON’T paste your code after a /* tag. In fact I’d delete everything in the stylesheet before adding your code. That way you can be sure whatever you add will get rendered by a browser. Or at least, add your code AT THE VERY TOP OF THE STYLESHEET!!