Disappearing images? The easy way to update your image links

?If you followed the transition guide instructions and pasted your OLSB content to your 365 site and all of a sudden your images have disappeared, here’s an easy fix which doesn’t require reinserting all those images: The logic
When you paste, you’re actually only pasting a LINK to a location that no longer exists when your OLSB site is deleted. All that’s needed is to update those links to point to your 365 image gallery.
Probably the easiest way is to update the file paths in notepad.

Upload all your images from the recovery file to your image gallery
Open a document library in your team site
Click the library tab and then “Open With Explorer”
Use the nav arrow to navigate up to your”web site”
Click the”Pages” folder and you should now see all your page files Right click one and select “open with notepad”.
Find one image so you can identify the path being used.
If you pasted it will probably be your OLSB domain + /Images + file name
Assuming the file name is the same, you want to replace the OLSB domain and the Images folder
Under Edit, select”find and replace”
Enter the old path in the first pane and /SiteImages/ in the 2nd pane.
For example:replace http://myolsbsite.com/Images/ *with* /SiteImages/
Hit replace all and all the paths will be updated.

If you’re comfortable using Sharepoint Designer, you can actually update yourentire site with one click. Open a page in SPD, click “Replace” in the ribbon and enter the same find and replace text as above. Select “all pages” and click ok.
Keep in mind this will change every page and file in your site so make sure it’s what you want to do and the text is correct. The only undo available is to reverse the process!