How to redirect your OLSB urls to your new pages and keep the SEO gods happy

If you’re moving to O365, your page urls will change and be seen as new pages by the search engines. This solution won’t fix that but will mitigate its impact by ensuring backlinks, bookmarks and search result links won’t trigger 404 page not found errors. So at least your domain won’t get penalized for 404’s – and people will still get to your site.In summary what you need to do is create”mirror” pages in 365 with the same page address as your OLSB pages. Those pages will only contain a redirect code to your NEW page. If an OLSB link is clicked, the user will be redirected automatically to your new page.Method 1
1/ Open notepad and paste in this code replacing”new365page.aspx” with your new target 365 page address:

2/ Save file as”oldolsbpage.aspx” replacing “oldolsbpage” with the page address of your OLSB page.

3/ Open your site either in Windows Explorer or Sharepoint Designer 2010. To open it in W Explorer, click the ribbon icon from a document library. Click here for more info on opening site in SPD.

4/ Either drag and drop the file at the root of your site in W Explorer (ie NOT in any of the folders). OR, open”All Files” and use the import tool in SPD.

5/ Rinse and repeat for all your OLSB pages.

Method 2
You can save a step by creating the files right within Sharepoint Designer.

1/ Open the”All Files” object in SPD

2/ From the ribbon click”File” and select “ASPX”

3/ Rename the file to the same as your OLSB page name.

4/ Open the file in CODE VIEW and you’ll see a very simple html page code.

5/ Insert your javascript redirect code BETWEEN THE FORM TAGS ie like this:

Prepare to be redirected!

This page is a time delay redirect, please update your bookmarks to our new

Save the file. Here’s how the above code would work – note how the url changes:
Click here>

NOTE:This won’t work for the OLSB “default.aspx” page but you don’t have to “mirror” that page because 365 already contains a placeholder page with that address that ensures your domain opens your new 365 home page. Redirecting the default page is a little trickier so click here to ask in our forum if for some reason you want to do that.